A popular range of proven products from cash security to letterboxes.

Bulk Transfer Unit

The Scotia Bulk Transfer unit enables the secure transfer of CIT Industry standard security boxes, bulk cash and valuables through any type of partition/wall. The impressively compact dimensions ensure maximum use of space with minimal disruption. 3 stock sizes are available with custom sizes in short lead times.

Key Features
  • Highly reliable electronics
  • CIT approved to suit latest transit boxes
  • High resistance to physical attacks
  • Compact size range to meet any site requirements
  • Mechanical override
  • Custom colours and finishes
  • Simple installation
  • Ballistic rating models
  • Self supporting
Download the datasheet (PDF)

Time Delay Deposit Safe

The DS19 Time Delay Deposit Safe permits instant securing of keys through its transfer slot without compromising the items within. Lost keys represent a security risk and can mean expensive openings and lock replacement. Add the personal risk to staff of carrying keys to access confidential areas and the benefits of secure key storage multiply quickly.

Key Features
  • Removes the risk of Staff key custody
  • Dual Control Operation
  • Programmable Time Delay Settings
  • Time Lock Settings
  • 4 Way Locking Bolts
  • ‘Anti-Drill’ Lock Protection
  • Long Life Battery Pack
  • Simple User Interface
  • Extremely Dependable Electronics
  • Large ‘Anti-Fish’ Key Drop Slot
  • National Installation and Maintenance
  • Proven Track Record in UK Banks

Coin Cabinet

The DS30 Coin Cabinet permits the daytime storage of coin without compromising the main cash holding safe, which is often time locked.

The steel body is formed and welded for maximum strength and capacity, with 3 shelves forming 4 large storage areas.

Key Features
  • High Strength/ Low Weight Construction
  • Dual Control Key-locking as Standard
  • Single or Double Door Options
  • Easily Transported
  • Low Floor Loading
  • Can be Bolt-Fixed for Additional Security
  • Bespoke Sizes Available
  • Time Delay Locking Options
  • Sleek Modern Design
  • Paint Finishes to Customer Requirements
  • National Installation and Maintenance service
  • Proven Track Record in U.K. Banks

Express Pay-in Units

The DS range of  Express Pay-In Units from Scotia provide rapid and highly secure cash and cheque deposit facilities for retail and business customers.

Key Features
  • Custom size and site specific units manufactured in house in very short lead times.
  • Envelope slot or high security drawer option
  • Dual control retainer locking
  • Choice of rear or side-entry retainers
  • Retainers available to all European Safe Ratings
  • Long reach to accommodate thick walls
  • Provides G2 certified ballistic protection
  • Small wall aperture required
  • Through-floor chute based systems available
  • Customer specified finishes
  • Patented design
  • Supply or nationwide installation service
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Fully proven track record in UK Banks
Download the datasheet (PDF)

Sectionalised Safe

The Scotia Sectionalised Safe facilitates the secure deposit and collection of remittances by CIT and bank staff. The unit has a controlled lower safe section accessed by a highly secure drawer for cash deposits and time delayed door for general entry.

Key Features
  • Simple operation with rapid deposit and collection
  • Anti raid protection built in
  • CIT Approved to suit latest and current cash bags/boxes
  • High resistance to physical attacks
  • Modern materials/low floor loading
  • ECB CEN grades
  • Time delay
  • Deposit drawer
  • Wide variety of sizes & configurations
Download the datasheet (PDF)

Nightsafe Drawer

The DS9 Night Safe Drawer allows the rapid and secure deposit of cash, coin and valuables into a wide range of overnight retainers. Available in two standard sizes, the DS9 drawer can accommodate all industry standard leather and synthetic wallets and deposit bags. The patented transfer mechanism ensures fouling from burst or damaged wallets is virtually impossible.

Key Features
  • Patented snag-resistant transfer mechanism
  • Near silent operation with minimal user effort
  • Long reach for thick exterior walls
  • Can be installed through glass/stud wall partitions
  • Small wall aperture required
  • Retainers available to all European Safe Ratings and custom sizing.
  • Direct replacement for other drawers
  • Restricted key pattern option
  • Fascia available in a range of sizes and finishes
  • Long life maintenance-free bearing system
  • Suitable for all known sizes of wallets and bags
  • Through-floor chute based systems available
  • Fully proven track record in UK Banks

Secure Letterbox

The DS15 Secure Letterbox provides dual control protection of branch post in a small footprint retainer, designed to match our range of retail and business deposit units and night-safe facilities.

Key Features
  • Anti-fish protection
  • G2 Certified Ballistic Protection
  • Dual Control Retainer Locking
  • Extremely Small Footprint
  • Rear, Front or Side Access Models
  • Hard Wearing Stainless Steel Fascia
  • Customer Specified Paint Finishes
  • Accommodates Walls up to 700mm Thick
  • Bespoke Sizes Available
  • Customer & Site Specific Engraving Option
  • National Installation and Maintenance service
  • Proven Track Record in UK Banks

If you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Scotia.