— Lock anything. Wirelessly.

Bulky metal boxes, mazy cables and connection to PCs with convoluted configuration softwares are in disagreement with the new era of seamless technology.

Scotia’s 40 years of experience in the security industry were combined with 5 years of electronics research and development to culminate in the next generation of Access Control Systems, the Aerlok:

  • The low power wireless network in which Aerlok operates, renders the system easy to install, with a virtually limitless number of devices that can be integrated without the inconvenience of cabled connections.
  • In addition to door control widely offered by the industry, Aerlok also innovates with battery powered high security locks, extending the system to not only control access to secure areas, but also to valuables repositories, such as safes and ATMs.

Already trusted by blue-chip organisations, with proven track record in more than 70 branches of major UK banks, Aerlok is ready for its official launch in IFSEC International 2018, London.

Technical Specifications

  • Low-power wireless mesh network
  • AES-128 encryption
  • Grade B certified high security locks for Safes and ATMs (BS EN 1300:2013)
  • Access rights configurable per user, per device
  • Audit trail of all transactions in the past 3 years+
  • Programmable time delays and ‘lock-out’ perCods
  • Configurable room lockdown mode for denying undesired access to high risk areas
  • Programmable dual verification
  • 2 years+ battery life for Safes and ATMs
  • Multiple configurable time zones for access settings
  • Keypad scrambling option for door access
  • Linux based ultra-stable operating system
  • Battery backup for preventing disruption in case of a power loss
  • Interface with fire and security alarms

If you’d like to discuss your requirements in more detail, please don’t hesitate to contact us.